• Saif Khairat

    Get to know health informatics

    The IHI's Dr. Saif Khairat recently sat down with AHC communications to talk about health informatics and his role in the IHI.

  • Stuart Speedie

    IHI core faculty member explains the rise of health informatics

    IHI's Dr. Stuart Speedie explains why informatics is a field that will continue to grow.

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    50 Years of Informatics

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For fifty years, the University of Minnesota has been a center of innovation in health informatics. Between the 1970s and the 1990s, for example, Minnesota’s health informaticians produced cutting-edge research and developed innovative technologies in the fields of micropopulation simulation modeling, clinical decision-making and laboratory information systems, telehealth and home monitoring, and microbial biotechnology databases.

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Stuart Speedie

Stuart Speedie begins by discussing his educational background and his early career spent first at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory in Portland, Oregon, and then at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy where he served as Director of Education. He discusses his early interest in information systems and technology and his five-year NSF-funded research project on the development of expert systems on the appropriate use of drugs in hospital settings, which he developed during a sabbatical year at Stanford University. He describes his responsibilities disseminating information technology at the University of Maryland and the information systems research he conducted there. ...

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