Ranyah Aldekhyyel

Research Assistant, Department of Surgery

Ranyah Aldekhyyel

Contact Info

Research Assistant, Department of Surgery

Member of NLP/IE Group, Institute for Health Informatics (IHI)

PhD candidate, Health Informatics, University of Minnesota, expected 2018

MS, Health Informatics, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, 2008

BAMS, King Saud University, 2002


Ranyah is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Health Informatics (IHI) studying Health Informatics. Her research interests mainly are in clinical and consumer health informatics. Ranyah was first introduced to the field by working in the industry as a quality specialist at one of the leading hospitals in Saudi Arabia. She was responsible for developing an automated patient safety reporting system, monitoring it's usage, and reporting and analyzing trends. This position was what exposed her to the field of informatics and how technology can be used to improve health care.

She first joined the healthcare industry after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Medical Sciences. She has over five years of experience in building health management systems such as organizational policies as well as quality and patient safety systems. While on the job, she managed to obtain her master’s degree in Health Informatics, which opened the opportunity for her to join the academic field as a faculty member in 2012.

She joined the NLP-IE Group as a research assistant when she started her PhD studies in 2014 to gain experience in exploring EHR data for secondary quality uses. She has specific training in qualitative research methods and data analysis with expertise in leading and carrying out evaluation type projects, gained from her previous work experience in the industry. Her responsibilities within the group include conducting and participating in research studies designed to explore occupation related information stored in the EHR as part of the NIH research funded project "Leveraging the EHR to Collect and Analyze Social, Behavioral, and Familial Factors". Specifically she was responsible for designing the categorization schemas, developing coding guidelines, and conducting the analysis.

Her long term goal is to become an independent research investigator and leader in the study of secondary uses of EHR in advancing research, public health, and health care.


Research Summary/Interests

Clinical and Consumer Health Informatics


Research Papers

  • Aldekhyyel R.N., Chen E.S, Rajamani S, Wang Y, Melton G.B. Content and Quality of Free-Text Occupation Documentation in the Electronic Health Record. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings. 2016.
  • Rajamani S, Chen E, Aldekhyyel R.N., Wang Y, Melton GB. Validating the Occupational Data for Health Model: An Analysis of Occupational Information in Reports, Standards, Surveys, and Measures. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings. 2016.
  • Bashik A, Aldekhyyel R.N. The Establishment of an Electronic Opportunity Reporting System for Patient Safety at King Fahad Medical City Saudi Arabia. Saudi Association for Health Informatics Annual Proceedings. 2008.


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