Celebrating History: Health Informatics at 50

Fifty Years of Health Informatics Innovation

For fifty years, the University of Minnesota has been a center of innovation in health informatics. Between the 1970s and the 1990s, for example, Minnesota’s health informaticians produced cutting-edge research and developed innovative technologies in the fields of micropopulation simulation modeling, clinical decision-making and laboratory information systems, telehealth and home monitoring, and microbial biotechnology databases.

A 50-year Commitment to Interprofessionalism

For fifty years, health informaticians at the University of Minnesota have epitomized interprofessionalism in research and education. When the University’s Academic Health Center was created in 1970 and a “team approach” to education, research, and practice was made a core tenet of its mission, the health computer science faculty (a precursor to the current health informatics faculty) was already fulfilling this mission.