PRISM, (Patient Reporting and Insight System from Minnesota), is an application that enhances the quality of clinical discussion between healthcare providers and patients by allowing for continued patient engagement outside of the clinical setting.

Developed by a multi-disciplinary team including faculty, staff, alumni and physicians from the University of Minnesota (Carlson School/MILI, CTSI/Institute for Health Informatics, School of Medicine), Fairview/HealthEast Kidney Stone Institute and a digital health company PerkHealth, PRISM builds on the successful use of paper-based PROMIS measures at the Kidney Stone Institute and takes it to the next level by allowing patients to use a convenient mobile app. 

PRISM underwent extensive usability testing and enables patients to complete physical function and other PROMIS measures through an easy to use app, with features including score trending, peer group comparisons, and relevant recommendations for follow-up actions and education materials aimed to further engage patients in their care. Patient Reported Outcomes captured by the app are seamlessly integrated into the EHR and available for providers to use, in real-time, in their clinical care and shared decision making with the patient.

PRISM App Demo - Short Version

"Health care quality improvement cannot occur without the patient. PROMIS measures are crucial elements in understanding and improving the inherently subjective patient experience but can be unnecessarily arduous to collect and analyze. Our vision is to create a platform that facilitates the broad implementation of the wide spectrum of PROMIS measures – truly integrating the patient voice within care delivery."

PRISM app screenshots on a mobile device