PhD Program


The Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics consists of 70 credits which focus on research and culminate in a dissertation. This degree is the best fit for those who desire to pursue a career in academia or research.

PhD students have the unique opportunity to work with our faculty in a myriad of research endeavors. This research enables students to publish papers at national conferences and in well-established health informatics journals, so that they are qualified to pursue their own research interests after graduation.

Students also have a choice to pursue a minor in a related field in order to capitalize on the interdisciplinary nature of health informatics.

Please note this plan of study was updated in September 2014 to reflect the Fall 2014 requirements. Your requirements may be different depending on which semester you started the program. Please see the student handbook for more information.

PhD Program Information

Program requirements

Program requirements

A master's degree is not required to apply for the PhD program. However, it is recommended that a student have an MHI or MS in informatics or a related field. If the student has a master's degree from another institution, the core requirements will be waived to the extent that the coursework matches the required core.

In addition, the 15 elective credits must constitute either a formal minor or a supporting program. University of Minnesota policy requires a minimum of 12 course credits for a doctoral-level minor. A supporting program is defined as a coherent pattern of related courses outside of the health informatics graduate program whose content will enhance the student's knowledge and skills and better prepare them to complete their doctorate.

Plan of study

Plan of study

Health Informatics I (HINF 5430)3
Health Informatics II (HINF 5431)3
Health Informatics Seminar (HINF 5436) (2 semesters, 1 credit each)2
Applied Health Care Databases: Database Principles and Data Evaluation (HINF 5510)3
Clinical Informatics and Patient Safety (HINF 5520)2
Health Data Analytics and Data Science (HINF 5531)2
Health Informatics Teaching (HINF 8525)2
Advanced Health Informatics Research Methods (HINF 8535)3
Doctoral Thesis Credits (HINF 8888)24
Consumer Health Informatics (NURS 5116)1
Population Health Informatics (NURS 7108)2
Biostatistics I (PUBH 6450)4
Biostatistics II (PUBH 6451)4