Student Handbook and Resources

The Student Handbook includes important and official information about the Institute for Health Informatics’ graduate program in Health Informatics. The information found in the handbook is specific to the Health Informatics program and is intended as a resource for new and existing students. The handbook is the primary source of information about the rules and regulations concerning the program, and it outlines general Graduate School requirements. Further details about the Graduate School’s rules and procedures are on the Graduate School’s website, Your advisor, the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), IHI staff and faculty, the graduate education catalog (, the IHI website, and the University’s policy library ( are all excellent resources for other questions you may have.

Over the fifty year history of health informatics at the University of Minnesota, there have been dozens of versions of the program student handbook. You will be under the requirements in the handbook from the semester that you started the program. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Program Coordinator, or your advisor if you have any questions about requirements.

For Graduate School specific requirements, including the Degree Completion Checklist and PDFs of required forms, please see the Enrolled Students section of the Graduate School's website.