Data Science & Informatics Track

February 15 Deadline - APPLY NOW

The Data Science and Informatics for Learning Health Systems track builds on the highly regarded data science program offered jointly by the School of Engineering, School of Public Health, and School of Statistics. It requires students to fulfill the requirements of the Masters in Data Science program and use their elective courses to gain exposure to health sciences and health care in the form of a suite of required foundational courses. The MS capstone project will address a research question related to health sciences or healthcare. Specialization to the health care field intensifies at the PhD level by offering additional courses focusing on advanced analytics and its applications to healthcare. The thesis research will naturally relate to health science or healthcare.

Students who pursue the Data Science and Informatics for Learning Health Systems track are expected to earn the University’s Data Science MS degree en route to completing the PhD. Credits earned in the University’s Data Science MS program may be used to fulfill required courses or elective credits in the Data Science Informatics PhD subject to approval by PhD advisor. Students who have an MS in Data Science from a comparable program may be exempt from this requirement in whole or in part, subject to program review and approval.

Track Lead

Gyorgy Simon

Gyorgy Simon, PhD
Assistant Professor Department of Medicine, Core Faculty
[email protected]