AI for healthcare - bridging the gap between human intelligence and machine intelligence

2-740 Phillips Wanensteen Building


Hongfang Liu, PhD
Hongfang Liu, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Mayo College of Medicine
Chair, Division of Digital Health Sciences
Director, Biomedical Informatics, Mayo Clinic Center of Clinical and Translational Science
Director, Clinical Natural Language Processing Program

Synopsis: On average, a patient generates 80 megabytes of imaging and EHR data each year.  For a healthcare organization, this trove of data from patients has an obvious clinical, financial, and operational value. However, the value of big data in health care is only realized when this raw information is converted into knowledge that changes the practice. The next generation of healthcare delivery requires a team effort from data science, delivery science, and implementation science to ensure that the right patient receives the right care from the right provider at the right time and the right place. In this talk, I will discuss opportunities and challenges faced when bringing AI for healthcare illustrated through some of our ongoing efforts.