Greg Silverman

Greg Silverman

283 VCRC
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Greg's lifelong interest in mathematics has instilled in him an obsession to solve complex problems, especially in computing. As a Senior Systems Developer at the University of Minnesota, Greg has had the opportunity to hone these skills in the clinical domain, where he has held positions at the Masonic Cancer Center, in the School of Public Health, and in Cardiovascular Medicine.

With the NLP/IE group, Greg believes he has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to work with a very talented group of individuals within a virtual playground of interesting problems. One of his first tasks is for the NLP-ADAPT project where he is developing a virtualized environment using Docker containers in a Kubernetes cluster for parallelized processing of clinical notes and viewing the annotated output. Greg is also honing his JVM skills by learning Kotlin to develop a new NLP pipeline that will be used to annotate a novel source of data.

He is also a volunteer software developer and data scientist, where he has developed mobile apps and APIs to capture environmental assessment data. He has also created methods for transforming and analyzing these data, with the goal of highlighting the evidence supporting more sustainable home gardening practices. His excitement with NLP is even carrying over to this project where he is using TensorFlow to do sentiment analysis of free text comments collected during garden evaluations.

In his spare time Greg likes to relax by testing his skills in mathematical reasoning and functional programming by working his way through ProjectEuler. Greg also loves music and has spent most of his life attempting to play the guitar. He also is a diehard distance runner and especially enjoys training with his wife and their cattle dog, Pickles the Red. 


Senior Systems Developer, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)

Member of the NLP/IE Group, Institute for Health Informatics

B.S., University of Minnesota (Math, Physics)