Kelvin Lim, MD

Kelvin Lim

717 Delaware St. SE
Suite 516
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Dr. Lim holds the Drs. T. J. and Ella M. Arneson Land-Grant Chair in Human Behavior at the University of Minnesota where he is a Professor of Psychiatry and Vice Chair for Research. Dr. Lim began his undergraduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, completing his Bachelor and MD degrees at Johns Hopkins University. He completed a psychiatry residency and fellowship in neuroimaging at Stanford University where he also served on the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry. He joined the University of Minnesota in 2001.


Professional Associations

  • Director, 3T Research Services, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
  • Site Principal Investigator, Minneapolis Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
  • American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
  • Society of Biological Psychiatry
  • International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine


Vice-Chair of Research, Drs. T. J. and Ella M. Arneson Land-Grant Chair in Human Behavior, Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty, Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Affiliate Faculty, Institute for Health Informatics

Preceptor, Medical Scientist Training Program (Combined MD/PhD Training Program)



Medical School, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Residency, Stanford University

Fellowship, Neuroimaging, Stanford University

Bachelors Degree, Johns Hopkins University (Human Biology), 1980


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Research Summary/Interests

Dr. Lim’s research interest is in the use of neuroimaging approaches to identify circuit abnormalities in brain disorders such as schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury and addiction and then to use these circuits as treatment targets for noninvasive neuromodulation interventions.


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  • Schizophrenia