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Smart Community Health

David Haynes really enjoyed being at the State Fair and allowing Minnesotans to see and use his new technology, Smart Community Health. Fairgoers were able to use a demo version of the application and provided him with some valuable feedback. They will be piloting a live version of the app with NorthPoint Health and Wellness in September. Digital health tools are cool!

Leveraging Technology to Improve Health

Assistant Professor David Haynes of the University’s Institute for Health Informatics is trained as a health geographer. Through geographic information science—or GIScience—Haynes uses big data to analyze geographic information and spatial data to advance health and address health disparities. These tools offer answers to questions on whether dynamics of place increase the prevalence of disease in specific sub-populations.

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IHI Adds 4 New Affiliate Faculty Members

The Institute for Health Informatics is excited to announce the appointment of four new Affiliate Faculty members: Dr. Margy McCullough-Hicks, Dr. Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, Dr. Peter B. Kang and Dr. Christina Pacak. They will join an outstanding group of Affiliate Faculty with a vast array of knowledge, educational backgrounds, and experiences in the IHI. Please see their accomplishments below.

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